Asset and capital protection

Asset and capital protection

The protection and safekeeping of your wealth and assets is critical in situations which may pose a risk. Since these risks vary with each situation, there are a number of solutions available to you to keep your property safe.


Protecting your assets starts by determining which ownership structure to use and how to protect them, whether to place them in an Offshore company, a Trust or a Foundation, defining the asset management rules, and choosing the jurisdiction best suited for the intended purposes.

Why protect your wealth and assets?

  • Commercial litigation
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency
  • Financial difficulties
  • Divorce, succession, personal reasons

Protect your house, your finances, and your investments.

We provide a range of wealth protection solutions, from creating a holding company for holding shares, to Offshore companies, bank secrecy, protecting trademarks and patents, setting up trusts and foundations, and more.


Regardless of the size of your assets, no risk is too small to be considered. All property and assets deserve to be protected and allowed to thrive within a safe environment.


The means of protection differ but are based on the concept of avoiding holding assets as a private individual but instead placing them in the safekeeping of companies, trusts and foundations, diversifying your holdings, and either availing yourself of the services of an Offshore Trust or setting one up yourself for the safekeeping of assets, or setting up a foundation for such purposes.


Some assets may also be kept safe by placing them in a life insurance portfolio.


Contact us for more information on creating an Offshore Trust, setting up a Foundation, or opening other types of Onshore or Offshore companies.