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Company incorporation in France

We are able to help you form a company in any city in France, we ensure the registration of all types of companies, EURL, SARL, SA, SAS and a link with an accounting firm in Paris or in the city where the company is formed.

What to remember

France is the second largest economy in Europe and Paris is its capital. It is a global leader in areas such as automotive and aerospace technology, luxury goods, or tourism.

Positioned at the gates of Europe, France offers a pleasant living environment but also and especially a skilled world-class workforce in several fields of activity.

Tax system

The corporate tax in France is 33.33%, but this rate can be reduced through various fiscal measures and advice from a tax lawyer

VAT of 19.6% is not applicable on export.


The accounts must be held annually on the basis of a balance sheet, income statement, a management report, and a cash flow chart.

To avoid having to charge VAT on the services rendered and goods or products sold, you must be able to prove that these operations were not made in France.


The creation of a company requires a number of essential elements listed below, they are systematically included in all incorporations to ensure proper operation.

Types of companies

The usual types of companies are:

  • SARL (limited liability company): between 1 (EURL) and 100 partners
  • SA (public limited company):: at least 7 shareholders
  • SAS (simplified joint stock company): at least 1 shareholder (SASU)

Tax-wise, all these types of company are in principle subject to corporate tax. However, the SAS and SARL may opt for income tax, which will then no longer be due by the company but by the partners/shareholders for their respective participation in the capital.


The company must have a registered office in France. The headquarters must be set up in the premises of the company. However, collective or individual domiciliations are possible, the publication in the official gazette is required for any creation or modification of a company.

Minimum capital

There is no minimum capital required to start a company in France (SARL, EURL, SAS, SASU). The partners or shareholders must only plan to have one. In the case of an SA, a minimum capital of 37,000 € is required.

Bank account

A multi-currency bank account will be open for business with Internet access and a Visa or MasterCard ATM card.


To run a French company and be a company manager, it is necessary to be French or European. A French company should be managed in France, and for this reason, its manager must be able to be present unconditionally. The nominee director service is not allowed.


There is no nationality requirement to hold securities (or shares) of companies in France. The nominee shareholder service is not allowed.

Incorporation deadline

To create a company in France, a minimum of 7 days is usually sufficient. This can be extended according to the various formalities (drafting the by-laws, getting authorization for certain activities …).


It is possible to use holding companies in France in two respects. Either the company incorporated in France is used as a holding company to hold a French or foreign company. Or the company incorporated in France is owned by a foreign holding: holding from Luxembourg or another European holding.

It should be noted that the creation of a holding company in France is done after careful study of each case.


It is not necessary to conduct any operation for annual renewal, with the exception of the business address and the establishment of annual accounts.

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