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Forming a company in London – United Kingdom

The UK is a European country located 2 hours from Paris. When considering relocation, this destination, if not an offshore center, nevertheless offers similar benefits and allows an onshore / offshore set-up.

It is possible to set up Ltd or Limited Companies. The UK is unequivocally the largest financial center in the world and the most efficient in terms of offshore, probably because most offshore jurisdictions belongs to the British crown, a far cry from the critics and other negative considerations.

The UK can provide a backdrop for many business activities and it meets the need for brand image. Very far from the image of tax havens, London is a European metropolis dense in business and financial transactions.

Forming a company in London is fast, simple and promotes trade relations.

What to remember…

London offers an excellent image and an LTD and it is ideal for all business activities. The choice of this jurisdiction depends on several parameters. If properly incorporated, it will enable you to enjoy a tax rate of between 4% and 6% through taking advantage of the Agency Agreement Law, which allows you up to assign 80%-90% to an Offshore parent company.

Tax system

Corporate tax varies from 20% to 30% in London, depending on turnover and profit but can be reduced to 4% with the Agency Agreement Law.

If your British Limited company is 100% owned by a British offshore company, you will be entitled to up to assign 95% (80% in practice) of profit before tax to your offshore company.

Given the image it offers, the holding company used is commonly based in Gibraltar, itself part of the European Union. Some also use the Seychelles but as this destination is non co-operative, it may be challenged by the British Tax Authorities.

This Parent-Subsidiary set-up comes from “the Agency Law”, which regulates contracts for agency representation of foreign companies.

Contact us for more information on the Agency Agreement Law.


Annual accounts must be kept and presented to the Inland Revenue as part of the Annual Return.

An accounting firm is required and therefore provided for keeping the accounts on an annual basis. The end date of the balance sheet is based on the anniversary date of incorporation of the company.

Type of company

The usual type of company in London is the LTD (Limited Liability Company), which is a limited liability company with capital. This type of company is flexible and allows any type of modulation in the articles. The changes can be implemented by extraordinary general meetings.

Corporate headquarters

The company’s headquarters in London appears on all mail and the company headed note paper. This allows you to receive mail at the address indicated. There is also an optional virtual office service available complete with telephone number and personalized standard.

Minimum capital

The standard capital is 10,000 GBP in London, however it is not a requirement to transfer or release the capital within a specified period which enables you to set up a company with a capital of 1 EUR (or 1 GBP).

Bank account

A multi-currency bank account will be opened for your business with Internet access and a Visa or MasterCard ATM card and multiple cards can be added – see our Additional cards pages for more information on this subject. An additional anonymous Visa card can be sent on request by the bank in charge of opening the account.


The Director may be of any nationality. A Nominee Director service offering additional privacy is the right approach for any company formation.


The Nominee Shareholder service is also a stock solution for offshore companies enabling privacy and anonymity guaranteed.

Set-up time

The easiest way to have your company set up in 24 hours is to choose a Ready-made company from a list of names of existing companies incorporated in advance to minimize delays. A period of 2 days plus postage is needed to set up a custom company.


Companies in the UK may have a Holding role and may hold movable or immovable assets as well as company stocks and shares. It is also an ideal destination for holding the shares of a European company in order to take advantage of the Parent-Subsidiary Tax Breaks.


The company has to be renewed each year, which involves paying a stamp duty, renewing the domicile of the corporate headquarters and the reappointment of the Nominee Director and Shareholder.

Conditions for forming a company

The final condition is that the business activity is legal both in Great Britain and in the country in which the business is conducted. Forming an offshore company should not and cannot be used to legitimize an illegal activity.

The British authorities do not authorize financial activities, banking, betting, online gambling, and insurance, without an existing license.

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