Offshore company in Mauritius

General information


Tax rate

5 days

Time of establishment of the company


Minimum capital

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean near the French island of Réunion. The capital of Mauritius is Port Louis on the west coast. Mauritius is classified as a tax haven because companies benefit from certain tax exemptions. Despite its rather touristic image, Mauritius offers complete privacy and legal security because the names are not published and the structures are anonymous.


One interesting feature of Mauritius is the possibility to choose between two legal systems – English and French. Establishing a company without capital is easy. The form of a company is a local status called GBL2. Contact us for more information on the conditions for setting up a company in Mauritius.

What to keep in mind

Mauritius is a place with an attractive tax system, with legal safeguards and full confidentiality of the whole process. There are two types of companies – the tax-exempt GBL2 company and the taxed GBL1 reserved for local companies. The exotic image of this jurisdiction must be borne in mind. This location may cause distrust on the part of customers, partners or suppliers. If your company’s image is one of the dominant factors, consider other jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Gibraltar, London or Dubai for their good reputation.

Type of the company

The usual type of company established in Mauritius is GBL2, which is the equivalent of a limited liability company. Unlike GBL1 (only for local companies), no taxes are paid.

Company registration procedure

Registration of the company:

  • Selection of the name and checking the availability in the Companies Register.
  • Preparation of the company constitution
  • Completion of the registration application
  • Appointment of a registered representative
  • Submission of an application together with other required documents to the Companies Register


No restrictions on the maximum number of shareholders, however, a minimum of one shareholder is required to establish the company. Foreign shareholders are allowed.

Management Board:

The company is managed by a director. This function may be performed by a shareholder. Nomination of service is acceptable.

Registered office:

The company must have a registered address in Mauritius, which will appear on the company documents and postal data of the company. It is possible to use the services of a virtual office with a dedicated telephone number.

Time to set up a company:

The time of establishing the company is about 5 days.


No minimum capital required.

Taxes and finances

There is no corporate income tax or profit tax in Mauritius. It is a typical offshore location where there are no initial capital requirements, no bookkeeping or disclosure of income to the State.


Other information

Bank account

Your company will have a multi-currency bank account with Internet access to your account, VISA or ATM MasterCard card (you can obtain several cards).