Real estate loans in Luxembourg

Real estate loans in Luxembourg

We help you to obtain real estate-leveraged financing in Luxembourg allowing you to increase your profitability.


Luxembourg is with London the leading financial center in Europe, regardless of the country where you live or work, banks have country-specialized departments and are familiar with the European property market and can assess the investment’s interest and risk and provide funding for cash.


The idea is to seek from a bank a cash loan leveraged by real estate you own.


These services are for people with real estate, part of which at least is paid for and is not already borrowed against or mortgaged, the property may be used as collateral to the bank when seeking a loan.


These funds, once raised, will be reinvested by the bank on financial products, such as bonds, term deposits, management portfolio, and will generate additional revenue, which will ultimately increase your property’s profitability.


For example: You own a property whose market value is 5 million Euros and which brings you 5% per year, financing against real estate will allow you to obtain 2.5 Million financing in cash, which will be invested and make a profit of 4 %


Your overall profitability increases, even when taking into account the repayment of principal and interest based on the borrowing rate.