Offshore Visa/MasterCard

Offshore Visa/MasterCard

Get one or more Visa or MasterCard cards for your Offshore company’s current expenses. VISA / MasterCard cards allow withdrawals, but also work in shops or for internet payment, without limits except for the amount in the account.


For safety reasons, these cards are issued on a sub-account under your company account, which allows you to manage card expenditures separately from the checking account.


You need 3 or 4 cards for your employees? contact us!


You would like a higher range card? Banks offer the full range of Visa and MasterCard cards, Business, Gold, or Platinum.


When creating your company, you will be able to choose the card you want from the various products offered by your bank.

Anonymous offshore cards

Anonymous offshore cards do not include the name of the holder and are used to withdraw from any ATM, as well as pay in shops and online.


Visa: Light, Business, Gold, Platinum
MasterCard: Light, Business, Gold, Platinum


Unlike the cards known as “Prepaid ATM cards,” the anonymous offshore card is a card issued by your bank and directly linked to your bank account, without including the name of the bearer, these Visa and MasterCard cards should be distinguished from regular ATM cards.


Contact our advisers or visit us for more information on anonymous Offshore cards.

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