Offshore ATM Cards

Offshore ATM Cards

Do you need several different Visa cards for your employees, family members, or for your children’s studies? Whether they be 2 or 3 cards for your loved ones, or 150 Visa or MasterCard withdrawal and payment cards for your employees, our partner banks are ready and able to meet your needs.

Receive up to 100 additional Visa cards

You can receive as many additional cards as you need from your bank, whether they be for your employees or your loved ones.

A sub-account for each offshore account

Each card is linked to its own sub-account, providing a record of the payments made with each card and making it possible to reload the cards individually.


A wide range of cards are available, including all Visa, MasterCard, American Express, debit cards, payment cards and deferred debit cards, from a number of brands, as well as Business, Gold, Platinum, and even the prestigious MasterCard Black and Signia cards