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Are you a new startup?

SzulcAre you a new startup? This is the right time to trademark your company’s name or logo!

Without a doubt, any business which established a strong brand have led themselves to success. Take for example, Apple Inc. and their well-known logo, which is recognisable by most people all over the world. It is pivotal for the brand and more importantly for its Intellectual Property Rights to be protected, in order to ensure that consumers do not confuse the brand with somebody else’s brand. Protection for the brand and for the Intellectual Property of the brand can be achieved by registering for example the company’s trademark or trademarks internationally.

A trademark is any unique word, symbol or name used to identify and distinguish the goods of one seller from the goods of another. The main aim of trademarks is to protect the trademarked goods and/or services from use and/or misuse by competitors. A trademark further protects to prevent any confusion or manipulation of consumers. In this way consumers are allowed to link distinct attributes and characteristics with a particular brand or company.

Attention must be paid to the word or phrase that you want to trademark. A word or phrase that is commonly used or is already connected with another good or service cannot be trademarked. As a result, the first test to be followed when you want to trademark your goods or services is the ‘test of uniqueness’. What can be considered as unique is the combination of the symbol with your company’s name and their relationship.

If you value your intellectual property rights as you should, you should trademark your goods or services if you have not already done so. A company with a high turnover and fame, simply adds value to the company itself when its Intellectual Property is properly protected.